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Compression Ankle Sleeves

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Whether you have been training all day or you’re on your feet all day, you know about sore feet. We can help.

Our Plantar Fasciitis Compression Foot Sleeves offer real-time support and pain relief for your hard-working feet.
They’ll hug your feet all day and give them the support they need.

Our doctor recommended compression foot sleeves also relieve foot pain related to Achilles tendonitis and stress-fractures, and they help improve your circulation.

You’ll find our foot sleeves are comfortable to wear. They’re lightweight, breathable and antimicrobial. You can wear them comfortably under your socks, and they’ll keep your feet dry and odor-free. 


S  Shoe Size M 5-7 | W 6-8

M Shoe Size M 7-9 / W 8-10

L  Shoe Size M 9-11 / W 10-12


Targeted compression fibers provide support to your foot soles and may minimizing plantar fasciitis pain.

The innovative design allows them to mold perfectly to your foot shape, support your arches and may relieve your foot pain.

Our foot compression sleeves are ideal for teachers, retail workers, nurses, hairdressers and all others who are on their feet all day. If your feet are sore after being on your feet for long periods of time, foot compression sleeves can help ease the pain.


All of our SLS3 garments are created with great care, attention to details and passion. In order to maximize the life span and performance of your garment, we encourage you to consider our recommended care instructions.


Make sure all pockets are empty and the zipper is fully closed prior washing. Turn garment inside out. Avoid washing your garment alongside items with velcro, snaps, or rough fabric that can be abrasive.


Use mild detergent or soap designated for fine or delicate washables. Do NOT use fabric BLEACH or fabric SOFTENERS! Always avoid using fabric softeners with performance fabrics as the softeners may inhibit your garment’s wicking abilities.


Keep your colors bright and sharp by washing your garment alone or with similarly colored items in cold water and hang to air dry. Air-drying protects the lifespan of your garment’s elastic fibers and helps maintain the overall shape and performance properties.


This garment is NOT intended for extended use in chlorinated pools - chlorine is bleach and will destroy the Lycra/Spandex fibers in your garment! Remember to thoroughly rinse your garment after every use.


For more information on how to care for your SLS3 garment, please contact us or call us at 707.893.SLS3 (7573) we are here to assist you.

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