SLS3 AERO Speed Hammock | Front Hydration System

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Aero Hydration simplified!

The SPEED Hammock is the perfect tri bike hydration system, offering YOU the flexibility to carry a variety of items (i.e. water bottle, food, gels or cellphone) you would need on your next long training ride or race. 

Just attach the system to your aero bar using the 4 straps. No clunky bottles to keep in place on your aero bars. No straws to try to disinfect.

*bottle not included


The SLS3 SPEED Hammock offers you the flexibility to carry a variety of items ( i.e. water bottle (NOT included) , bars, gels) you would need on your next long training ride or race.


The Speed Hammock fits most types of aero bars and bottles (NOT included) on the market today and easily attaches with four hook and loop straps.


The SPEED Hammock is extremely aerodynamic and low profile, making it the perfect choice for race day hydration.


Why bother with plastic containers that are bulky, straws that are hard to keep clean and need to be replaced or sponges that routinely fall out? The SLS3 SPEED Hammock provides you with the ability to carry your bottle without losing your hydration on bumpy roads, thanks to a special elastic on the top. The SPEED Hammock system allows you to alternate your hydration choices, which other products don't allow!


Can be used for more than hydration or nutrition. When riding indoors it is the perfect place to store your TV remote or phone so you never have to leave your bike.