the finer details for Compression recovery boots

Our sequential intermittent pneumatic compression (SIPC) technology focuses on eliminating muscle soreness to help you recover quickly. The pneumatic compression sleeves use air to simulate massage and forcibly move blood from your feet to your heart.

By applying pressure to the surface of the limb it promotes the circulation of blood/fluid throughout the body. Each chamber inflates and deflates sequentially starting from the extremity and moving towards the center of the body.



Your SLS3 recovery boots remove lactic acid, enhance your blood circulation and reduce swelling / inflammation, decreasing that achy post-workout feeling.



The recovery system boosts lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation and swelling. Spend less time stretching which usually involves discomfort and a large time investment.



Excess fluid surrounding the injury contributes to swelling, which can reduce range of motion and slow down the healing process. A pneumatic compression device actively pumps away these excess fluids and reduces swelling better than static compression is able to. Active compression also optimizes lymphatic drainage, which carries cellular waste products away from the area.  

Active compression increases blood flow, which therefore increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the injured area. Blood also carries the necessary nutrients for cells to go through the healing process, so the better the blood flow, the faster cells get what they need to thrive.



With three sizing options, 6 different massage programs  and custom pressure and time settings, you’ll experience a more custom recovery than some of the other models on the market.



The SLS3 air compression therapy system allows you to set a wide range of pressure to your boots. From 20 to 240 mmHg. The pressure needed depends on the circumference of your legs (e.g. stronger legs normally need less pressure), personal preferences and tolerance of compression. We recommend to start with medium pressure - between 140-160 mmHg and then go higher or lower according to your comfort level. Please, note that the session should be comfortable yet strong and firm. If you feel uncomfortable at any time we recommend to lower the pressure.



W recommend one session of 30-40 minutes a day but you can manually set up your individual session length up to 60 minutes.

For a quick warm-up before exercise a 10-20 minutes warm up session can be enough. Post-workout you can go as long as 50-60 minutes of relaxing compression. As long as the sessions feel comfortable, there are no restrictions on how long or how often you should use the system.



The supplied power cord is nice and long, which means you can move the unit around quite a bit. The pump is quiet enough that you can still watch TV at a normal volume while using the system. The leg sleeves themselves have nice pockets to hide all of the tubes and protect the connections.



We stand 100% behind our recovery system with a full 1-year limited warranty. And to prove our confidence in this product and its value to you, we are offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee.


This is an investment you won’t regret!