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Let's hear it from the SLS3 Community

Super comfortable and supportive, plus looks cute

  • Womens AG Triathlon Shorts | 45°
  • Women's Pro Triathlon Top | 45°

Taylor K.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm loving it, affordable and stylish.

  • Pro Aero Suit

Sean M.

Austin, TX

Quality and good value! I got size medium and it fit me perfectly. 5'11, 180lb

  • Pro Triathlon Race Top | Solid

Jack B.

Boston, MA

Very light weight helmet, used in my first race over the weekend and was a great addition to my race day kit for my triathlon.

Aero Helmet

Dustin, S.

Chandler, AZ

I'm using during training right now, but i see alot of people during race season wearing SLS, so wanted to tri it. So far so good!

  • Pro Triathlon Race Top | Solid

Joe T.

Visa, CA

I tested out on an indoor training ride and the suit was very comfortable. Looking forward to showing off outside!

Womens AG Tri Suit

Annie S.

Costa Mesa, CA

Feels great during my first few training rides of the winter. Really excited to race in my suit.

  • Pro Triathlon Race Suit | 45°
  • Aero Helmet

Blake H.

Roanoke, VA

I’m 6’1 205lbs. These shorts worked great for my first sprint triathlon. I ordered size large. Highly recommend for a sprint tri. The padding is fairly thin and dries fast.

AG Triathlon Race Shorts

Tom C.

Montgomery, AL