Men's Tri Race Shorts

Looking for a slight edge on race day without breaking the bank? Welcome to the SLS3 Men`s Triathlon shorts page where you`ll find all your favorite men`s triathlon-specific shorts. These shorts work well for all 3 stages of a triathlon.
The SLS3 triathlon shorts include wide ranging features such as tri shorts with pockets for long distance triathlon racing and training, lightweight aerodynamic triathlon shorts for more experienced triathletes, trishorts with soft leg finish and compression fabric. Our tri shorts wick away moisture and dry quickly. They offer enhanced UV protection and have a triathlon specific chamois pad that is thinner than a regular bike-short chamois so it is more comfortable for the running stage. Whatever you’re looking for in a tri-short, our products will be the perfect fit for you.

Triathlon shorts look a little like cycling shorts, but are different. They are built to be quicker drying and they have a pad that is usually thinner and lighter than bike shorts. This is important as you don’t want to sit on a water soaked pad when you jump on your bike. Triathlon shorts can usually be found from $50 to $120+, and besides pricing and color, the main choice you will make it how long you want them to be. Our most popular shorts have an inseam of 8-9 inches. When buying triathlon shorts, remember to buy quality and know that they are not intended to be used in a pool. Doing so will shorten their lifespan considerably, as the Spandex will break down due to the chlorine.
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