Our Story

We are a Triathlon Race Apparel and Compression Gear brand that elevates your performance during training and competition!

SLS3 was founded in 2004 when two Germans, Sebastian Linke and Sylvie Hannuscheck each defined and driven by their life stories and endurance sports journeys, focused their passion, strengths and vision to create a triathlon brand that allows you to perform and enjoy every aspect of training and racing.

After an intense research and development process, the first collection was launched with a suit, short, top and one type of compression socks. The German styling and fit embodied the passion of past, present and future pursuits of countless triathlon journeys. Functionality and performance were led by the intense moments of fueling the strengths through the challenges and conquering the victories earned in the mind. Meticulously crafted with great care and attention to all details resulting in an immediate success.

Today, we exist because of you. You are the purpose of our brand. Our passion continues to be fueled by the success of each season, the pursuit of refining and creating products that evolve with our athletes and those moments when we share our knowledge and empower our community. We enjoy every detail involved in expressing our culture, stories and passion of our journey. We invite you to perform in our products and we hope you enjoy them so much that they become a lasting part of your adventures.

Triathlon as at the heart of our company and we are proud to say our current CEO, James Cissel is an avid triathlete himself and following the footsteps of Sebastian and Sylvie, puts SLS3 products through the ringer in training and racing. 

See you again!