Women's Tri Race Suits

With the big race around the corner many triathletes are looking for comfortable and cute Triathlon gear on race day without breaking the bank.
At SLS3 you'll find all your favorite women's tri clothing. So whether you're doing your first sprint triathlon or an Ironman, here at SLS3 you'll find Intelligent Race Apparel at great prices.

The SLS3 women triathlon suits are lightweight and aerodynamic. They come equipped with pockets for all your nutritional needs, front zippers and compression fabric.
Whatever you’re looking for in a one-piece tri suit, our products will be the perfect fit for you. If you prefer a two-piece combo, you can even browse through our selection of tri tops and shorts. Triathlon suits can help you race faster and more comfortably. A good triathlon suit is specifically designed for triathlon and offers benefits that will help you race faster and be as comfortable as possible.
The suit should be great in the water and comfortable to wear – not restricting your arm movement during the swim. It will be quick-drying so that by the time you are on the bike, you are dry enough to not chafe – this is very important. It also prevents the need for adding clothing at a transition, helping you breeze through to the next leg as quickly as possible.
One note about triathlon suits: You typically do not train in them regularly. Use the trisuit for a few training sessions to be sure you know how it feels on race day but beyond that save your investment for the race. Buy Direct and save BIG!