Coronavirus - What Triathletes need to know about the Corona crisis

Sebastian Linke March 25, 2020

Coronavirus - What Triathletes need to know about the Corona crisis

Large events are certainly not going to have it easy these weeks. The precautionary measures surrounding the rapid spread of the corona virus confuse the sports world. The NBA suspends the season and the Olympic Games have been postponed.

Triathlon has also seen a flood of cancellations, even though previously the professional races were particularly affected. The first race of the WTS in Abu Dhabi had to be canceled as well as the planned start of the Super League in Saudi Arabia.

But what about the major events for age group athletes? The Wanda Sports Group, owner of the IRONMAN brand, announced on 3/9/2020 that the corona virus is expected to have negative economic effects.

These days it is important to avoid social contacts in order to prevent the spread of  Covid-19.

Organized sport in any form is currently prohibited. Public facilities such as gyms or pools are currently closed. Outdoor sports (running, cycling) are still possible at the moment. But should be done individually.

Group rides are not possible at the moment, not necessary and also not useful, maybe even prohibited depending on where you live. If you work out with someone please keep a distance of 6 feet.

The more disciplined we are right now to deal with the situation, the sooner we will hopefully be able to do what we love most: Triathlon

Let's be role models!

Also consider the risk of falling.

One fact that has to be considered is the risk we take when we are cycling. Especially in times when health resources are scarcer than ever, it would be devastating to burden the health system unnecessarily. Therefore, we advise caution here as well. 

How much training is allowed?

Sport promotes health and wellbeing. The basic rule is: training can be done - but at a moderate level if possible. If the training load is too high, there is a direct risk of being susceptible to infections for a certain period of time (open window effect).

As always, those who are sick should stay at home.

According to the current research, the corona virus can be transmitted particularly by droplet infection, which is why the Robert Koch Institute in Germany recommends a safety distance of at least 6 feet from other people. This is easy to implement while running. If you show any symptoms - in the case of Covid-19 the main symptoms are fever and cough - you should avoid working out and seek medical advice. 

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PLEASE take care, stay healthy and avoid social contacts wherever possible!


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