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SLS3 Swim Buoy | Highly Visible Safety Buoy - SALE

SLS3 Swim Buoy | Highly Visible Safety Buoy - SALE

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With the large capacity of the swim buoy, this is an exceptional product that will serve you better and longer.

The 20-liter capacity of the swim buoy accommodates more items just as expected. Second, to this, it is a very sturdy and waterproof buoy that guarantees excellent performance.

Since it has a bright orange color, it is easily visible even from far, which makes it safe for all users. The swim buoy is widely applicable since it can be used for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, boating, and much more.

Featuring an adjustable strap, it offers a proper fit for all users. It is easy to inflate and deflate easily for convenient storage. The lightweight swim buoy is also easy to carry when inflated. With this, it is easily portable for reliable services. 

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