the finer details Neon Performance Socks


The first thing you will notice when putting on these VERY THIN socks is the comfortable and supportive fit. The arch support prevents the socks from slipping around and causing blisters. They feel great on your feet and stay in place all day. Great hugs for your feet!


We made the socks out of a thin yarn and added a mesh panel for better ventilation, which makes them light and comfortable on your feet. They absorb moisture well and feel great, even on a 90 degree day. They are so light and thin it’s like not wearing socks.


We added an in-step hugging arch band, which helps to eliminate blisters - enjoy a perfect and pain free workout with these VERY THIN running socks that wrap around your feet perfectly and stay in place.


The thin yarn used for these socks is extremely durable - You will notice that the socks hold up extremely well after being washed and the colors stay nice and bright.