The Finer Details for Swim Buoy

  • VISIBILITY IN OPEN WATER: The bright orange colored Swim Buoy (24" x 12") is exceptionally noticeable during open water swimming to boats, jet skis or paddlers. Improve your visibility to avoid getting hit by a jet ski or a boat. Swimmers in black wetsuits are virtually invisible in the open water – The SLS3 Swim Buoy will display your location to people on the water and on the beach.


  • NO ROUGH EDGES: We replaced the rough edge with a very smooth bonded seam to make the buoy even more comfortable.


  • 100% WATERPROOF: A perfect solution for your valuables or car keys. The dry pack is a great bonus and keeps your valuables safe during your ocean/lake swim training, so you don't have to hide them and worry about them getting stolen on the beach anymore.


  • LIGHT WEIGHT: The buoy does not inhibit your movement in the water. It is fastened to your waist by a belt with a tether line and easy to inflate. You don't even notice you have it on while in the water.